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Kitchen Supplies

6" Bamboo Skewers, 4 Boxes x 25 Bags x 100 PC

Aluminum Foil Wrap(18" x 328'), 1 Count

Ansell Food Service Dish Washing Gloves

Baran Decoration Mountain, 1 Box (1000 Pieces)

Latex-Free Poly Gloves (Small), Box (500's)

Medium Weight White Knife, 1000 Counts

Aluminum Foil Wrap(12" x 656'), 1 Count

Ansell Dish Washing Long Gloves

Bamboo Chopstick, 3000 Pairs

Chinese Soup Spoon, 1000 Counts

Maple Leaf 8 in. Milkshake Straw, Box (250 Counts)

Medium Weight White Spoon, 1000 Counts

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